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Broad River Films signs with CT GREY
1. 16. 2017

Broad River Films, a video production & commercial photography business, has signed on with CT GREY to advise, manage and service all of this talented company's needs in public relations, creative marketing and expansion.

We are proud to have acquired this partnership and look forward to the endless possibilities.

John Charles Properties, LLC meets to discuss solutions partnership with CT GREY
01. 07. 2017

In a recent meeting that allowed John Charles Properties managing member Chuck Thompson to create and expand The CT GREY AGENCY, the idea of placing CT GREY over all management responsibilities of John Charles Properties, LLC was brought to the table and now the steps are being taken to work out an agreement to have CT GREY manage and operate all management requirements for John Charles Properties, LLC.

The Thompson Report LLC in immediate talks to reorganize under a different operating parent company
01. 05. 2017

2016 was both a great year and tough one for The Thompson Report, LLC.  A small online blog / news magazine covering the regions of Cleveland and Rutherford Counties of NC;  it was first launched in October of 2015 after 18 months of being created and branded.

Not only was it the Company to which Broad River Films once was the "DBA" under and protected by its LLC legalities, The Thompson Report as an actual online news magazine had a very strong start and came on the scene right out of the gate with the developmental help of what is now CT GREY, but then brought on, in a stroke of accidental bad luck, the wrong contract workers for the job which almost took The Thompson Report to the brink of annihilation due to ineffective and inept independent contractors whom essentially sucked out the company's fiances, caused problems for the owner, bullied and complained for higher contract costs, and ran the company into the ground.  

The creator / owner of The Thompson Report eventually regained control, cutting loose the incompetent independent contract journalists and managed to save the media site from dissolution with the help of CT GREY.

Once approved by all involved and the legal work is completed CT GREY will help find a new parent company for The Thompson Report with the new company able to "DBA" as The Thompson Report, saving the strong legacy of this awesome idea and bringing local news into the future like you've never seen before.

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